Por una cultura democrática

Escritos sobre Rousseau, Voltaire, Goethe y Nietzsche

Por una cultura democrática - Heinrich Mann - Pre-Textos
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Heinrich Mann, unlike his brother Thomas, has only received in Spanish as a novelist. However, in the hardest times of the history of Europe, cultivated the essay from an uncompromising commitment to democratic culture. Continuing the tradition of radical literature, from Voltaire to Zola, always stood at the very front: in defense of the European spirit, knowing from his deep unitary old dialectic. Equipped with a look that runs through the arc d ela European Unfortunately, Heinrich Mann is the only one not fooled by the siren song of the great seducer of intelligence of the twentieth century. Nietzsche is not for him the solution, but the symptom of a deeper malady. These pages, humble and courageous, bring us the echo of a healthy life that scorns the gesture of aristocratic indignation mass culture. We speak of a faith that since Montaigne even dares to call certainty. The simplic...read more

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Book: Por una cultura democrática

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