Registro de sueños

Atisbos a la conciencia onírica desde las ciencias, las artes y la filosofía

Registro de sueños - José Luis Díaz Gómez - Herder México
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Herder México
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Dreaming and knowing is one of the favors of the human species. Since the night of time, the human brain has refined a function capable of establishing plots and scenarios, making characters and editing a sequence of actions that subjects experience as dreams. Through the connection of sensory, affective, semantic and volitional areas and processes of the mind-brain system, dreaming is the conscious outcome of neurological mechanisms that give rise to the dream experience.

The dream consciousness covers five forms of mental activity: 1) the experience of dreaming while sleeping, 2) its recovery through recall, 3) its oral or written narration, 4) the consideration or interpretation of its meaning and 5) its representation in literature (literary dreams, fantasy literature, dream poetry), the visual arts (dream paintings, dream photography, surreal images) and cinema (dreamlike more



Book: Registro de sueños

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