San Buenaventura 

La teología como camino de santidad

San Buenaventura  - Charles  Carpenter - Herder
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How does a theologian to engage in rigorous intellectual work without neglecting their spiritual life oriented prayer and contemplation? How can you balance these two aspects in real life? The same issues that today can unsettle a theology student at St. Bonaventure also concerned, of the thirteenth century Franciscan friar. He pointed to a solution of enduring validity and at that time: Theology, which he defined as wisdom, as a gift bestowed by the Holy Spirit - only serves to elevate to sainthood the student who is dedicated to her and can, therefore , being herself a spiritual vehicle. This study is clear, concise and revealing of Charles Carpenter, located in one of the main currents of contemporary theology, is an excellent introduction to the life and work of St. Bonaventure and the Franciscan spirituality in general. San Buenaventura is valid, as well as guidance and more

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Book: San Buenaventura 

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