Del sentido de la vida

Un ensayo filosófico

Del sentido de la vida - Jean  Grondin - Herder
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"What are we doing here? Why and for what or for whom, we are here? What are we and what can we do? What is not allowed to wait? No need to invoke the testimony of distinguished philosophers, these are the fundamental questions of philosophy, the only ones that matter. "_x000D_
"Man is the only being that is so radically questioned the meaning of their existence. If it raises the question of meaning is because it is aware of the finitude of their extensions in time. Do you have a sense that extension? Is it a man only a "useless passion," as Sartre proclaims the end of Being and Nothingness, always pointing to nowhere and we are ahead of us. Not expected to philosophy, that life itself may make sense. "_x000D_
All philosophy, all life, is based on hope (hope). The wait (hope) of this book is to articulate this philosophy.


Book: Del sentido de la vida

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