Globalización y salud mental

Globalización y salud mental - Antoni Talarn - Herder
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This body of literature explores the impact of globalization on the rich world from different perspectives, but in a psychological perspective. The mental distress is overstimulated by the society in which we live, to the point where the certainties of yesterday, sometimes very restrictive, they disappear and leave us with agonizing uncertainty: love, family, education ... have changed his style. We have more but it would not be more happy. Long studied problems such as depression, body worship, addiction and violence in the couple, and "new" forms of pain such as fibromyalgia, narcissism, or Ulysses syndrome are analyzed from a current perspective.
Globalization is usually understood and analyzed as an economic issue, but here is perceived as a social and cultural phenomenon of obvious consequences for the individual, their health, their psyche and their mood. A must-read book...».


Book: Globalización y salud mental

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