La Histeria y lo obsesivo

Análisis de la clínica psicoanalítica

La Histeria y lo obsesivo - Alfredo  Capellá - Herder
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Emerged on the eve of this century, psychoanalysis has given birth to the human psyche with an absolutely new conception (unconscious, instinct, repression, the Oedipus complex, transfer ...), and has brought with it a surprising perspective pictures of the clinical classical hysteria, obsessions, psychosis, etc.. Has been formed and the psychoanalytic clinic. However, it still drags psychoanalytic model forms of classical psychiatry, theoretical concepts tinged with some obscurities, myths that clog the theoretical development, concepts impregnated with meanings specific to the culture, etc.. This results in difficulties and forcing to apply the theory to the clinic today. To clarify the model, in line with other authors have advocated, this book makes a deconstructive analysis of the psychoanalytic clinic. Its starting point is the hysteria, a picture that fosters and certain more

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Book: La Histeria y lo obsesivo

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