Relatos de los héroes griegos

Relatos de los héroes griegos - Roger Lancelyn Green - Siruela
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“A friend of C. S. Lewis and Tolkien, Lancelyn Green has taught generations of readers a fascination for mythologies. His books have the classic flavor of a great age.
IRENE VALLEJO, author of Infinity in a reed

"The gods and heroes of Ancient Greece should never be strangers to us, their stories are part of the heritage of humanity, they are a basic piece of our literature, our language and our current thinking."
From the foreword by ROGER LANCELYN GREEN

From the myths of the creation of the universe to the death of Hercules, the author dwells on the great heroic cycles, such as those of Perseus, Theseus or the Argonauts, to which he incorporates other shorter adventures, such as those of Orpheus and Eurydice, that of King Midas, the misfortunes of Oedipus and the expeditions against Thebes or some "metamorphoses", such as those of Narcissus or Jacinto. more

Book: Relatos de los héroes griegos

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