Grano de sal

The molecules of Grain of Salt met in 2017, in the city of Mexico, to propose a catalog of works of social and natural sciences, humanities and arts. The director is Tomás Granados Salinas, assisted by Jacinto Martínez; of the commercial aspects is in charge of América Sánchez.
To take things with a grain of salt is to put into practice healthy skepticism. The same grain of salt can be used to multiply the flavor of food or add an enigmatic texture to any drink: thus contributing to enjoyment of life.

Grano de Sal makes avant-garde works available to Spanish-language readers on topical topics in social sciences, humanities and arts. Our books are informative, often controversial, written without scholarly research and with a style that experts and the general public will find enjoyable.

The Grain of Salt books promote open and plural debate, favor individual and more