Aquí estoy

¿Tú quién eres?

Aquí estoy - Jesper  Juul - Herder
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There are no perfect parents. In fact, perfection is not what is sought in relationships, especially relationships between parents and children. Everyone sometimes erroneous or irrational behavior. We are human beings, each with their wants and needs, which may conflict with those of the people you want. There is nothing wrong with that, and we must accept the fact that all the odd coexistence is a conflict and negotiation. However, there are limits that must not be crossed in the relationship with others: children must learn to recognize, because it is for them an opportunity to grow and mature, and parents should teach them.

Jesper Juul shows how combining in a balanced closeness and distance, and helps to clarify the educational process in a society where many are crumbling of old certainties in the field of education and many parents find it difficult to dose and equal more


Book: Aquí estoy

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