Entender las psicosis

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Entender las psicosis - Jorge L. Tizón - Herder
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An informative work which aims to help families and friends of people with psychosis.

Patients with psychosis and schizophrenia-the most popular form of psychosis-form a large group of people subjected to intense suffering and limitations, as well as social isolation, marginalization, and sometimes progressive deterioration. Today we know that suffering and deterioration also affect their families, often disoriented, confused and depressed in their relationship with the patient and with the social environment. There are few social or medical situations that cause such intense suffering in families and in the global society. Hence the need to update our understanding of these experiences and ways to address them.

Understanding psychosis provides the most current view of these disorders and experience a less medicalized vision and partial than usual.


Book: Entender las psicosis

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